We recommend oversize models for those who want to relax above the seasonal normals this summer. The trend of oversized pieces, which have started to take place more and more in our wardrobes, has been on the rise for the last few  years. I don't know about winter, but it's a very functional pattern for summer. The number of pieces we wear in the summer season directly affects our elegance, especially the fashion lovers wearing hijab are a little more. Fresh and light-
looking combinations are more appealing to us, despite their simplicity. Just as sunlight does not like too much make-up, too much distraction will make you look crowded in daytime. 

Despite all their flexibility and comfort, oversize patterns can sometimes turn into too shabby and sloppy models. At the same time, in order to use such pieces correctly, there is always a need with eye-catching and right accessories. The summer season is the season when fine and detailed accessories stand out the most. Let's list the first ones that come to mind, especially the details that make oversize and one-piece combinations show up. Belts, headbands, hats, anklets, long necklaces, colorful bracelet sets and of course sandals.

The oversize trend doesn't seem to be going out of our lives for at least a few more years. For this reason, you should definitely get the oversized product that differ with their cut and design details. In the R4 summer collection, we focused
on oversize products that would adapt to different body types with our designs. R4 oversize designs; It is shaped with different front and back lengths, which are not drowned in sharp lines, and animated with soft cuts.

R4fashion included their designs. In one-piece clothing; fit and oversized cuts are used together, thus creating designs suitable for different body types. Combining the comfort and flexibility of oversize products in special design pieces will be one of the best favors you can do for yourself this summer. Moreover, the R4 summer collection will add the accessory detail that will make your outfit extraordinary, giving you the opportunity to create a unique combination with a single outfit. Hoping you have a summer that breathes, shines in the sunlight and is full of unique combinations.